Common Tools

This is a list of core open source dependencies that Tandem has vetted for usage. The goal of the list is to document the Tandem chosen path particularly when there are many (or even a few) modules that do the same or similar things. That means this list is not exhaustive, but is a good place to check if you are tyring to build a robust search for instance.

It is also a living breathing list. If you find good modules or combinations of modules that satisfy a use case add them to the docs via a PR.



Drupal 7 & 8

  • adminimal_theme - Nice admin theme.
  • paragraphs - Powerful content / field / entity creation mechanism
  • metatag - Win all the SEO with proper metatags.
  • redis - Powerful in-memory data structure storage mechanism
  • bootstrap - Utilizes Bootstrap 3 for a nice responsive site
  • google_analytics - Connect Drupal to Google Analytics
  • search_api - This module provides a framework for easily creating searches on any entity known to Drupal
  • search_api_solr - This module provides a Solr backend for the Search API module

Drupal 7 (only)

  • apdqc - Uses asynchronous connections & prefetching to speed up cache call
  • JSON+LD - Custom JSON+LD Module that handles content types + views
  • tracking_code - Easy way to add tracking code snippets for marketing efforts

Drupal 8 (only)

  • config_readonly - Allows locking down config changes on specified server instances
  • config_split - Allows from different config on specified server instances
  • schema_metatag - JSON+LD Module to win more SEO
  • asset_injector - Easy way to add tracking code snippets for marketing efforts
  • Collections - Use Laravel's AWESOME collections in Drupal 8. Clean up those ugly array_map() calls. Death to foreach and array_map! This helps you keep a consistent FP style in Tandem code everywhere.




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