Tandem's general philosophy and policy around meetings closely mirrors that of Basecamp. This ethos can be summed up in the opening paragraph of their blog post titled Meetings are Toxic:

Meetings are one of the worst kinds of workplace interruptions. They’re held too frequently, run too long, and involve more people than necessary.

At Tandem, we keep meetings to a minimum, encourage brevity, and strongly prefer concise agendas.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of principles we follow about meetings:

  • Meetings are limited as much as possible
  • Meetings are usually a waste of time
  • No meeting should run over it's scheduled time
  • Meetings should be short and targeted
  • Meetings should be ad-hoc (scheduled as needed, not standing)
  • Meetings should have an agenda
  • Schedule meetings with flow in mind (batch them, don't sprinkle throughout day)
  • Meetings should have defined goals/outcomes (see agenda above)
  • only invite people who need to be there

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