Tandem uses Slack for real-time internal and client communications. Slack is our water cooler as well as an area to communicate about work related issues. Here is a non-exhaustive list of rooms:


  • General: For normal company wide communications. When you step foot in here, wear your tie, company badge, and ensure you've filed your TPS reports.
  • Random: Random is the general 'water cooler'. Share gifs, your dog/cat, your food, random stuff that doesn't go elsewhere.
  • Vim: Are you a 1337 coder who can use a few keystrokes on your keyboard to write the entire internet (better than Al Gore's version of course)? You'll want to share your mastery and skills in the vim channel. I mean, if you emacs or something, I guess you can hang too. If you don't know vim well and want to learn it, this is a great place to absorb some of the magic.
  • Iamstuck: Even future millionaires often phone a friend as their critical lifeline. You should feel free to do the same. If you are tackling a problem that has you stumped, don't wallow in sadness and frustration. Ping the team here, there is a good chance one of your colleagues has been down this alley before.
  • lando: Lando is the best local dev environment in the galaxy, but the blue caped hero requires lots of planning and brainstorming. Within the Lando channel we discuss plans for the project.
  • laravel: Discuss Laravel related things
  • socialmedia: We get talked about on the interwebs and the bots tell us about it. Keep engaged in those conversations by checking in on this channel to see what's up. Jump into the foray on the socials!
  • tandesign: Talk about design!
  • errorz: The robots tell us about errors people are running into with some of our products, this gives us a bit of a warning so we can investigate.

Mixed Company

While we use Slack mostly for internal channels, we also invite some outside folks in to some channels. Channels for specific projects may include the client as a collaborator. While you should be on your best behavior anyway, just check yourself before you wreck yourself in the presence of clients.

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