Drupal 8 Migration Setup & Toolings




Lando 2 DB Based Migration

  1. Setup your Drupal 7 site in Lando.
  2. Setup your Drupal 8 site in Lando.
  3. In your .lando.yml of your Drupal 8 site add an additional DB service as such and run a lando rebuild:

         type: mariadb
           user: drupal7db
           password: drupal7db
           database: drupal7db
  4. Create a custom module in your Drupal 8 site that uses Modules listed above as dependent.

  5. Export your Drupal 7 site's DB with lando db-export dump.sql.gz
  6. Add a settings.local.php into your Drupal 8 site:

     $databases['migrate']['default'] = array(
       'database' => 'drupal7db',
       'username' => 'drupal7db',
       'password' => 'drupal7db',
       'prefix' => '',
       'host' => 'd7db',
       'port' => '3306',
       'namespace' => 'Drupal\\Core\\Database\\Driver\\mysql',
       'driver' => 'mysql',
  7. Copy your DB dump into the root of your Drupal 8 site.

  8. Import the Drupal 7 DB into your Drupal 8 site with:

     lando db-import --host=d7db --user=drupal7db dump.sql.gz
  9. In your D8 site run the following:

     lando drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-key=migrate --configure-only
     lando drush config-export --destination=/tmp/migrate
     lando ssh
     cp /tmp/migrate/migrate_plus.* /app/path/to/custom-migrate-module/config/install
  10. Remove any files you don't want to migrate. Make sure to read the required dependencies at the bottom of each yml file.

  11. Change the group config if it isn't already: In your files named migrate_plus.migration_group.GROUP-NAME.yml, edit the last line: shared_configuration: null to the following:

        key: migrate
  12. Run lando drush ms to see the status of the migration. Use the migration commands as you need from this point on.

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