Tools we use

Tandem standardizes its development around a few core tools. This provides predictability and consistency between developers and projects. We recommend the following to write the best codez for Tandem.

TODO: We need to merge in other non-dev tools here

A Good Computer

We are only as good as our tools and Tandem is only as good as its people. This means that having a powerful and reliable machine is good not only for you but for the organization as a whole.

Tandem is primarily a macOS based shop. While you can still write the codes with Windows and Linux, these boxes are currently unsupported and YMMV. We recommend you have a macOS based machine with at least...

  • macOS 10.10+
  • x64 processor architecture
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • 50GB+ of available disk space
  • Modern processor

If you are a Tandem employee or contractor we offer a tech stipend that can be used to purchase a new machine.


Every Tandem project uses git for version control. This provides easy collaboration between developers, interfaces well with GitHub and keeps a nice record of who has done what. If you are unfamiliar with git we recommend Pro Git as a reference.

If you are unsure whether git is installed on your system please click here.

For other helpful git commands we recommend the our git training presentation.


Tandem uses GitHub to store and manage its git repositories. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub you can read more about it here.

Before writing code with Tandem make sure you have...

If you are unsure about how to be added to organizations on GitHub please contact your project manager.


Tandem uses agile as its development philosophy. Specifically we do regular stand ups and utilize a kanban board to track story points and project burndown. This provides a way to:

  • Create project issues and milestones
  • Determine the status of particular issues and milestones
  • Assign issues to particular developers
  • Communicate between developers, project managers and relevant stakeholders
  • See which developers are working on which issues
  • Track the progress of a current sprint

ZenHub provides these tools to GitHub. You will want to install the browser extension from the ZenHub site. Once you do so you should see Board and Reports tabs on GitHub.


Tandem uses (and is the creator and maintainer of) Lando for local development and DevOps. Lando eliminates the need for managing your own, or multiple versions of, common software packages like php, nodejs, apache or memcache and can also:

  • Easily mimic your production environment locally.
  • Standardize your teams dev environments and tooling on OSX, Windows and Linux.
  • Integrate with hosting providers like Pantheon
  • Store all of the above in a version controlled config file called .lando.yml
  • Easily customize or extend tooling, deployment options and basically any other functionality.
  • Free yourself from the tyranny of inferior local development products.

All project repositories at Tandem should contain a .lando.yml that does the above.

After installing Lando we highly recommend doing a pass on the Lando documentation.

Text Editor

A generic text editor that is geared towards writing code is also a good idea. Tandem recommends using one of the following: