Our main marketing presence. Most of our effort should go into making this a succinct statement of why you should work with Tandem.

Our traffic is split between organic search and direct visits.

After the homepage, our most popular pieces of content are developer-centric blog articles about Kalabox and developer tips.


Google Analytics

Tracked Conversion Points

  • # of people submitting contact form.
  • # of people subscribing to newsletter.

Untracked Conversion Points

  • # of people following us on Twitter/LinkedIn after visiting

Social Media


Where we can share longer-form comments on the things we're reading, thinking, and saying. Professional audience that can potentially include all our target personas. Very little traffic currently.


Short-form comments that form our "digital pulse:" shows Tandem is alive and kicking to the world. Engages more with developers and fellow thinkers in our industry. Potential clients will be impressed to see that we're participating in conversation that is relevant to them.

Outbound Emails

Reach-out to targeted individuals who may be interested in our services. Best contact is providing a link to a microproduct or blog article that can start delivering value to these people immediately.


Concise products that help our target personas perform needed tasks. These are marketing tools that we can publicize or suggest, allowing potential clients to get immediate value from us and see how a large engagement with Tandem could be beneficial.

Current example is Lando: organizations try out Lando after having it recommended by a partner like Pantheon or by one of their developers. Ideally, they see how engaging with Tandem to improve other pieces of their development process would be advantageous.

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