Onboarding Checklist

Hi there! We're very glad you're working with us. Tandem strives to make the world better by creating simple solutions to BIG, complex problems. In order to begin getting yourself oriented within this elite cadre of problem solvers, here's what you'll need to do.

Things Everyone Needs

You should get invites for all applicable services. All Tandem-specific services (ex: Harvest or Slack) will be sent to your new Gmail address, so that's a good place to start. Let us know if something is missing!

Things Full-time Employees Need

Things Developers Need

Have you?

  • Sent your first message in Tandem’s Slack? (welcome!)

  • Filled out your Slack profile with full name, email, phone, and timezone?

  • Set your @thinktandem.io email address as the default in Gmail? (if more than one)

  • Inserted your W2 or W9 information into Gusto?

  • Submitted appropriate docs in PeopleKeep? (employees only)

  • Updated your Drupal.org profile to connect with Tandem as a organization?

  • Updated your LinkedIn profile to associate with Tandem? (please!)

  • Updated (or created) your Docker ID to associate with Tandem and Lando?

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