Getting PAID

Employee Payroll

We run payroll twice a month (semi-monthly) on the 15th and the last day of the month.

We handle payroll through Gusto. You should have been invited to Gusto upon joining Tandem and inserted your W2 and direct deposit information. Pay stubs and other payroll information can also be accessed there.

Contractor Payments

Contractor payments are also handled through Gusto. You should insert your W9 and direct deposit information at Kalabox's Gusto page (our parent company) Note that if you're already logged into Gusto under your personal account, you may have to use the dropdown menu in the top-right corner to "Switch Company" to Kalabox Inc in order to enter this information.

Although we request standard Net 30 terms with all our contractors, we typically pay invoices shortly after receipt. Project managers review all contractor invoices before payment and may contact with you any questions.

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