Time Tracking w/Harvest

As Huey Lewis said, “time ain’t money,” but time entries on an invoice convert pretty quickly into cash, allowing us to go to conferences, work on crazy projects, and get PAID.

Harvest is our time tracking and invoicing application. It's fairly intuitive, but if you'd like a demo, ask a fellow team member or your project manager.

You should received an invite to our Harvest instance. After you've signed up, follow these 4 Time Tracking Commandments.

The Four Harvest Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Track EVERYTHING

Track EVERYTHING in Harvest, particularly billable work for clients, but also your internal work.

All decisions on what is billable vs. unbillable client work is made by project managers when invoices are prepared. By default, all client work should be billable. If you have any concerns over your efficiency on a task or think a mistake has been made, talk to your project manager.

2. Thou Shalt Associate Time Entries w/Github Issues

All client work (and most internal) should be referenced to the correct project and should reference an issue number in Github. Download the Harvest plugin so you can associate time with Github issues easily.

3. Thou Shalt Respect Time Tracking Targets

A typical full-time developer at Tandem should be tracking around 40hrs per week, with above 75% of that being billable client work.

This will vary depending on what projects you're working on. Ultimately, you have jurisdiction over your own work. Talk to your project manager about project expectations and how that corresponds to tracked time.

4. Time is Important, but Quality is Timeless

Above all, don't focus on tracking time over delivering quality, valuable work.

Tracking time is an imperfect solution to a difficult problem. Increasingly we focus on billing for defined packages of services and products. Our end goal is to eliminate the need to track hours.

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