Who is Tandem?

Tandem is a group of craft-focused do-ers who harness technology to eliminate drudgery. We believe that process and automation can unshackle mankind to release its full creative energy.

If your organization is serious about getting things done, let's work on formulating new digital strategies, developing online experiences, training your team, and finding other ways technology can empower your mission.

Tandem's Values

As a team, Tandem is...

  • Purpose-driven: Technology doesn't exist as a brain-teaser for smart people. It's here to do a job and make life easier.
  • Efficient: Know what you're trying to do. Measure it. Keep getting better at it.
  • Transparent: Everyone should know the important stuff...
  • Simple: ...and if it's not important, it's a distraction.
  • Reproducible: Good work is unique once. Process and automation make it effortless twice.

How We Live Our Values

1. Encapsulate Knowledge in Process and Products.

We're talented people, but we can only work so many hours in the day. Encapsulating our knowledge as processes, documentation, and technology products allows many more people to benefit from our experience. That's why we...

  • Make open source contributions.
  • Created Lando, easy local development for WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and much more.
  • Use a unified process governing all our projects.
  • Utilize automation
  • Write documentation for all our projects.
  • Made these docs open and public!

2. Work with the Best.

Anyone should be able to use our processes and products, but we need experts to craft them. We're building a team of hyper-experienced community leaders that have worked on projects of all size for many many years.

3. Always Ask "Why" Before "How".

We love our craft, but without a "why", our work is meaningless. When we know why our work is important, we can ask better questions, create better solutions, and stay motivated towards the end goal. That's why we use a targeted discovery process to quickly parse client needs into actionable tasks.

4. Bill for Results.

Ultimately, we want to bill for productivity and results instead of hours. This isn't just important to our clients. It encourages Tandem to concentrate on automating the mundane to free our focus for the exciting, creative, and truly valuable elements that make our work extraordinary.

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