Managing Projects

Roles & Responsibilities


Blanket term that usually encompasses various client stakeholders (ex: marketing, operations, support, dev team, etc.) and end customers (users of the client’s product).

We define the cast of stakeholders in our project brief to make sure we can assemble the appropriate people to make certain decisions. This is particularly important if the project is presented with a Product Owner who is unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

Product Owner

Typically a client-side stakeholder who takes responsibility for representing the direction of the project to other stakeholders. Must be able to…

  • Collect feedback from other client-side stakeholders.
  • Have the knowledge, authority, and respect to be able to make lasting decisions regarding the project.
  • Dedicate substantial time to attend meetings and work with the Tandem team on various issues.

Ultimately the project’s success or failure should be owned by this person.

Scrummaster & Project Manager

Responsible for…

  • Creating and owning all project artifacts, including:
    • Project Plan based up the Discovery document and the Scope Of Work (SOW).
    • Project Estimate, and soliciting accurate internal estimates from the team.
    • Project Timeline.
    • Project Resource Plan, and scheduling allocation of dev time.
    • End-of-Sprint Progress Reports, incl. work accomplished and budget burn-down.
    • Initiating discussion of long-term support needs.
    • Project closure document(s), if needed.
  • Managing communication around burn and remaining budget.
  • Resolving any communication difficulties between Team Members & Product Owner.

Account Manager

Responsible for…

  • Being the client’s first point-of-contact.
  • Handling initial negotiations.
  • Creating and executing contracts, including project proposals, SOWs, and support/maintenance agreements.
  • Cultivating and maintaining the long-term client relationship.

Technical Lead/Architect

Responsible for…

  • Selecting appropriate technologies and architecting the solution, with help from other Tandem personnel as needed.
  • Performing the bulk of technical QA work or delegating it to qualified team members.
  • Solving difficult development problems.
  • Helping unblock other team members on difficult problems.
  • Teaching other team members new skills.


Responsible for…

  • Estimating tasks accurately, relying on experience, skill level, and historical data.
  • Developing the requested feature(s), and fully testing all work.
  • Pushing new work to the repository on a daily basis.
  • Verifying that all work passes continuous integration (CI) testing.
  • Following through with all pull requests to make sure they get merged before going stale.

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