RFP Response Process

Find RFPs

Every Monday our RFP Guru (John Ouellet) finds a bunch of potential RFPs that appear to fit Tandem's skillset.

Review RFPs

John then goes through all the RFPs and uses the RFP Response Outline template to extract relevant details about the RFP like deadline, requirements, response format, etc.

Does Tandem Qualify for the RFP?

The most basic check: are we acceptable candidates for the RFP?! In addition to our normal qualification elements, we should also look at...

  • Timeline: Do we have at least a week to generate a response?
  • Location Requirements: Do we need to be located in a given country/state/etc?
  • Certifications: Anything obscure/unavailable to us?
  • Resume Demands: Do we need 20 years of Drupal experience or something else impossible?
  • Response Format: Can we complete the RFP in under 8 hours?
  • Digital Response: Unless the project is a GREAT fit, we should only respond when we're allowed to email a digital response.

Meeting to Review + Approve RFPs

Alec and John look at the RFP notes and determine whether they're worth pursuing.

If they are, we create a Github card for each opportunity with...

  • deadline
  • a link to the RFP notes document that we've started filling out

We also create entries on the RFP Google Calendar for the date we should finish the RFP, the date we should mail it, and the final due date.

Create the Response


  1. Read the Proposal, take notes on questions
  2. Create a pproject brief based on the RFP.
  3. Review standard Tandem proposal questions, tailor the list, and submit questions.
  4. Upon receiving answers, update the project brief.

Proposal Scaffolding

  1. Copy the estimation sheet and identify all the services the project needs.

Finalizing the Proposal and Submission

Final Proposal Review

Alec and John review the proposal, with special attention to...

  • the estimate.
  • response format.

Send the Proposal

If by mail, remember to include...

  • All elements dictated by RFP
  • Business card (one for each proposal) of the account manager

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