Tandem Sales Script

Basic guide to handling sales conversations, end-to-end.

What We Do

  • We help people make more money online.
  • Sometimes that's saving old projects that are costing way to much, sometimes that's creating a brand new website or mobile experience, sometimes that's help you hire and train a dev team.

Qualifying Questions

These questions help you find a problem your customer has that you're interested in solving (and are thus GREAT at solving).

Qualify Customer Needs

Starter questions.

  • What are the primary tools your organization uses to sell things online?
  • Do you have an internal development team, or do you hire external vendors?
  • If so, how large/what do they do/what technologies are they good at?
  • Are you happy with your current dev team, be it inhouse or external?

Does the customer need our services? Can we help them save money or make more of it?

  • Is Drupal/WordPress working well for your organization?
  • Do you have any legacy applications that suck up too much time and money to use and maintain?
  • Are your sales people blind when it comes to understanding how your customers are interacting with your marketing site?
  • Are you worried about HIPAA compliance risks with your web app? With 3rd party resources you use?
  • Are you undertaking a new web app project, but don't have the staff to do it?
  • Are you interested in (or are mandated to use) Drupal 8, Laravel, or NodeJS, but don't have the staff with those skills?
  • Are you losing sales due to slow page loads/bugs/old commerce platform/etc?

Qualify Customer Capabilities

  • Do you have a line item for this project?
  • Are you ok with net 15 terms?

Managing Objections

I don't see a portfolio on your web page, who have you worked for?

Mike and I have worked with organizations of all size...

...making the new publishing and events platform for GreenBiz.com ...creating the marketing presence for Computerized Structures Inc. ...writing an application that powers hundreds of websites for Arizona State University ...helping Outsell Inc.

Your Services Seem Expensive

Value Sell 1

Focus on total cost: "Let's explore a scope of work that works for your budget."

Value Sell 2

You're right, our rate is higher than an offshoring firm's at first glance, but we've rescued enough projects from offshoring firms/fly-by-night contractors/inexperienced contractors to know that the real cost of hiring the wrong person is much higher.

Our rate is extremely competitive with other firms, infact we'll probably be raising it fairly soon (of course legacy clients can enjoy our current rate...).


  • What are all the steps I have to make for us to start working together?
  • What is the decision making process in your company? How quickly can we make a decision on this?

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