Postgres DB on

If you need to import a new clean database to any environment, here's how:

  • Make a backup of {export-from} and {import-to} environments.

    • Create restore points through the dashboard
    • lando platform db:dump -p {export-from-platform} -e {desired-env} -r pgdatabase -f dump.sql
  • Move the DB to the {import-to} environment.

    • scp dump.sql {import-to-connection}
    • Note that /app/storage is just any public directory you can write to on Platform.
  • SSH into {import-to} and import the db.

    • ssh {
    • cd storage
    • psql --host=pgdatabase.internal --username=main < dump.sql

This seems to avoid permissions issues and other problems that have plagued us in the past, even on the Master environments in

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