# Goals & Roadmap

Here are some of the major goals we have over the coming years and quarters.

# 2020

In 2020 we want to build out a reliable agency operation and continue to grow Lando users and revenue so we end the year with a solid foundation to move onto the incubator part of our vision.

This means we should end the year with a core team and solid contractor stable that can handle basically any project from sales all the way to launch and long term support. We should also create (and start to implement) a plan for how we can scale and become more efficient so as to start focusing more on our incubator ambitions.

Here are some of our higher level more strategoc goals for the year, roughly arranged in the order they should be done:

# Agency Goals

  • Do more consistent sales
  • Launch a new Tandem brand, website
  • Transition @pirog more into biz, strategy, sales and marketing
  • Empower Tandem staff to take the reigns on more projects
  • Do more and more consistent marketing and content generation
  • Develop a good system for sales campaigns that can scale up with automation
  • Acquire one or two more large, stragetic and diversified clients
  • Start to build out a more official support program
  • Start to leverage Lando more for sales and hires
  • Hire a full time designer/strategist
  • Asbolutely dominate one awesome high profile project at a "fuck yah Tandem" level of awesomeness

# Product Goals

  • Launch the Lando Alliance
  • Get two additional integration partners
  • Get a regularly occuring contributors and sprint planning meeting
  • Release official Lando stable 3.0.0
  • Build out our extended contributor nextwork
  • Empower other contributors to help with marketing, outreach, etc
  • Find another revenue stream (developer network?)
  • Get enough sponsorships to fund 20/hrs a week on Lando

# 2019

In 2019 we want to minimally realize our promise as agency-incubator.

This means we should end the year with a well-defined and documented agency operation, a product (Lando) that generates some revenue, and a plan for how we can grow that product so that it not only generates more revenue but also improves our agency.

# Q3 July 2019 - September 2019

# Agency Goal: Get the house in order

Before we start to grow and improve our agency operations we need to take a step back and take stock of the things we actually have. This means:

  • Documenting our current processes, procedures, and technical assets
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Create a plan for orienting sales around service products

Concrete examples of the above are things like

  • Writing a guide for how to start a new project
  • A document that expresses the various phases of the project management life cycle
  • A spreadsheet that lists our start states
  • Enumerating the responsibilities of each role at Tandem
  • A project estimation spreadsheet
  • An initial sales campaign for a service product

# Product Goal: Monetize Lando

Before we invest more time into Lando we need it to start generating some revenue. Minimally it needs to generate enough to sustain at least 10 hours a week of at -cost development. This breaks down into the more granular:

  • Get GitHub sponsorships and Patreon rolling for Lando Members
  • Switch to Carbon ads and monetize our YouTube page
  • Reboot our marketing efforts, leverage community as much as possible
  • Throw together a basic marketing site with some service offerings
  • Sign a few long term support deals
  • Move docs to Vuepress

# Q4 October 2019 - December 2019


Previously we thought this would be the quarter to GET RIGHT TO IT and start focusing on optimizing our agency operations with Lando-related things while also incubating new things but alas we jumped the gun and we've kicked that initiative to later next year.

# Agency Goal: Live our values

At this point this site should have an accurate-enough picture of our current agency, what it believes, why it exists, its goals. Now we need to start living those values outwardly so we can reboot the vision of Tandem 2.0 we put together in Q3.

For this quarter we need to focus on:

  • Delivering what our clients want by doing our best work so they will recommend us WITH ENTHUSIASM!!!
  • Rebooting our website so it reflects our values and our current reality better
  • Rebooting our sales and marketing efforts in a similar way

Concrete examples of the above are things like

  • Delivering FUCK YES! work for our clients that we are proud to talk about
  • Launching a new https://thinktandem.io
  • Getting sales and marketing tooling on autopilot

# Product Goal: Release Lando and start to build out its revenue streams

At this point we have some pending Lando related deals and sponsorships as well as a plan and the tools for launching other outreach and sales efforts with the goal of making Lando self-sustaining. We are going to continue to do that as we also finish up Lando so we can drop the stable release on January 1, 2020. Our sales and marketing related activities will also help greatly inform how we can reboot similar things for Tandem.

For this quarter we need to focus on:

Concrete examples of the above are things like:

  • Getting community members and evangelists into a more official contribution program
  • Selling various Lando sponsorships and services
  • Releasing the official Lando 3.0.0
  • Expanding our documenation and guides for long tail SEO purposes
  • Increasing user base and ideally ways to get newsletter subscribers