# Audiences & Personas

# Industries

While we've worked with a wide-range of industries, most of our portfolio has been in the following verticals:

  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Financial/Insurance
  • Nonprofit/Philanthropic

# Personas

Who do we sell to?

# Marketing Director

Our typical marketing contact is a VP or Director of marketing at a mid-size corporation, higher ed institution, or nonprofit. The report directly to a C-Level (or equivelant) and have been tasked with implementing strategic objectives by their manager. Although they work for an organization that may have hundreds of employees, often they only have one or two digital implementation specialists on staff; their digital implementation needs simply aren't consistent enough to keep a whole team employed, so they need to find a partner who can implement their immediate campaigns.

The fact that the company is large enough to have a VP title is often indicative that they have projects that are complex enough to require our services and the budget to dedicate to them. Other common titles include...

  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing/Communications


  • Increase online lead generation.
  • Execute new digital marketing campaigns.
  • Improve overall website performance.
  • Appease internal stakeholders.
  • Find reliable agency for a long term relationship.
  • Digital strategy deliverables like personas, journey maps.
  • Worldclass conversion-oriented design (styleguides, user testing, UX).

In the private world, we're accustom to seeing additional focus on...

  • Personalization.
  • CRM integrations.

In higher education and nonprofits, we've seen...

  • Accessibility concerns.
  • Focus on donations (donor management systems and CRMs tailored to fundraising, not sales).

# IT Manager

Our IT Manager contact has an existing dev team, but it's either too small to handle all dev needs or, more likely, lacks expertise in web technologies. They may be managing a team that works primarily on a "backend" product that's constructed in a language like Java, but need help to create a user-friendly experience through a portal, intranet, or other interface. Ocassionally they also have control over their organization's marketing website.

Title include...

  • CTO
  • IT Director
  • Director of Business Applications
  • Development Manager
  • Web Manager at Financial Institutions