# Sales Scripts

Basic guide to handling sales conversations, end-to-end.

# What We Do

  • We help people make more money online.
  • Sometimes that's saving old projects that are costing way to much, sometimes that's creating a brand new website or mobile experience, sometimes that's help you hire and train a dev team.

# Qualifying Questions

These questions help you find a problem your customer has that you're interested in solving (and are thus GREAT at solving).

# Qualify Customer Needs

Starter questions.

  • What are the primary tools your organization uses to sell things online?
  • Do you have an internal development team, or do you hire external vendors?
  • If so, how large/what do they do/what technologies are they good at?
  • Are you happy with your current dev team, be it inhouse or external?

Does the customer need our services? Can we help them save money or make more of it?

  • Is Drupal/WordPress working well for your organization?
  • Do you have any legacy applications that suck up too much time and money to use and maintain?
  • Are your sales people blind when it comes to understanding how your customers are interacting with your marketing site?
  • Are you worried about HIPAA compliance risks with your web app? With 3rd party resources you use?
  • Are you undertaking a new web app project, but don't have the staff to do it?
  • Are you interested in (or are mandated to use) Drupal 8, Laravel, or NodeJS, but don't have the staff with those skills?
  • Are you losing sales due to slow page loads/bugs/old commerce platform/etc?

# Qualify Customer Capabilities

  • Do you have a line item for this project?
  • Are you ok with net 15 terms?