# Quarterly Review

Each quarter, every Tandem team member should meet with their director. The goals of this meeting are twofold:

  • Review team member performance over the last quarter.
  • Provide time to reflect on the team member's evolving relationship with Tandem.

To accomplish this, we've combined aspects of a 360 review with a series of more quantitative metrics to provide a gross overview of performance. In this way we get both peer-initiated feedback, as well as a top-down perspective from managers. Finally, we want to hear about the team member's experiences over the quarter. While this shouldn't replace regular one-on-one meetings, it should be a more formal and systematic review.

# Peer Review Questions

A week before conducting your review meeting, send an email out to relevant peers of the team member and ask them to answer the following questions about the team member.


Is this team member meeting relevant deadlines?

Is the team member communicating effectively about changes to project scope or deadlines?

Can you think of a case where they did not communicate about a specific issue effectively?

Have you experienced any problems with them interpersonally?

How would you recommend this team member improve their interpersonal and relationship building skills?

Can you think of an instance where this team member mentored a peer? Please describe.


What tasks are you confident this team member can accomplish? What tasks would you hesitate entrusting to them?

In what areas do you think they need to improve to strengthen Tandem as a team?

Is this team member enabling Tandem to do more or better work for our clients? How?

Did this team member bring new technologies, concepts, or other ideas into the team?

What blog articles, internal documentation or other content has this team member contributed?

Motivation + Efficiency

Does this team member appear to be motivated by their work-related tasks, job, and relationships?

Have you experienced any difficulties with the level of the employee’s motivation?

Are the employee’s work methods and approach to accomplishing their job effective, efficient, and continuously improving?

Are there areas of improvement that you would recommend for this employee that would help them accomplish their work more effectively? Or, are there areas of improvement that would help you accomplish your work more effectively?

# Manager Review Metrics

The team member's director should help collate the following metrics.


Total Hours Worked/Week

Billable Hours Worked/Week

  • Did these meet our minimum billable expectations (30hrs/week)?
  • Did any hours need to get discounted? Why?
  • Were they able to contribute to Tandem products or open-source initiatives as part of their billable work?

Total Project Points Accomplished/Total Project Hours

  • How did this point averages compare with other team members on the same project?
  • What conclusion can we draw from these averages (if any)?


Has this team member referred clients or prospective hires to Tandem?

Has this team member represented Tandem at events as a speaker or in another capacity?